Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Letter 'U'

At the end of our final year in Illustration, at college, we made a small booklet. Our class got given a double page, on one page we included a small samples of our work and our contact details. On the other page we were each given a letter from the word 'Illustration' and i got given the letter 'U'. I thought i would do a simplified version of Urban Buildings with some textures and swirls :)

Animal Farm

Animal Farm book cover, sale poster and point of sale. Inspired by Russion Propaganda posters and street art. I used paper, paint, inks, photographs and photoshop to create the images and the textures :) 

Picture Book

Character and illustration designs for a Picture book. I took the story from The Pied Piper of Hamlen but then ended up doing a twist on it which mainly focused around the cats trying to get the mice as this side of the story interested me more. Might continue illustratating and writting my own story based on this some day :)

How To Stop Conflict Using A Toy Wolf

Sequential Illustration video. I was asked to choose a childhood toy and got given a global issue at random. Then I was asked to make a short video on imovie on how to tackle that global issue using the toy wolf. The illustrations were made using carboard, card, acrylics and pen. Then they were photographed and edited on photoshop and imovie :)

NHS Client Brief


Poster for NHS Fife in Scotland. It is aimed for 12-25 year olds and is supposed to encourage them to seek help and advice about Sexual Health. After creating the poster I looked at different ways in which it could be promoted-Health clinic, bus stop, train station, on the NHS website. Pretty happy it could picked out of the top 4 by the clients :)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Edinburgh Ink Commission

This is a commission I did for a tattoo shop called 'Edinburgh Ink'. I was asked to make something that could be hung on the wall in the entrance if the shop which is eye catching enough so that it could draw people's attention. I used a photograph of the shop owner and his flat mate which was given to me to include in the image. Same as the Street Art and iPod Advertisment pieces created, I used a wooden board, stencils, spray paint, acrylics and a photograph for reference. Photographs were taken by Joy McNair :)

Music Inspires Creativity

Street Art and Ipod Advertisment. I used photographs, stencils, spray paints, arylics, wooden boards,  posters I found in the street, plaster, paper...the list goes on to be honest but those are the main materials. I then photographed one of the boards and used photoshop to enhance the colours a little, add the iPod logo and my own slogan, 'Music Inspires Creativity'. I had a lot of inspirition from different Street Artists and Graphic Designers. They were so much fun to make and would definately do it again :)